Struggling to stay inspired after a major failure? Don’t let it hold you down. This article is here to offer guidance, aiming to help you not only accept failure but also emerge from it more inspired than ever.

The first step is acknowledging that failure is a normal part of life, and everyone faces it, especially in their first attempts. Understand that even the most accomplished individuals have encountered failure, but they persevered and emerged stronger. Repeat this affirmation daily to yourself until it becomes ingrained in your mind. 

If repeating self-affirmation alone doesn’t reignite your inspiration, take small, daily steps toward your goal or dreams. Build momentum gradually as you see results, and soon you’ll feel the inspiration flowing through you again. Repeat this process persistently until you reclaim your inspiration, eventually, your inspiration will come back to you. 

Accepting failure and stay inspired.

Is It Important To Embrace Failure and Stay Inspired?

Acknowledging and embracing failure is an important part of personal growth. It catalyzes learning and self-improvement. I’ve observed instances where overconfident individuals, once faced with failure, struggled to cope with the blow to their egos. This difficulty to failure led them into prolonged periods of decline.

This lesson is evident in the world of sports, where undefeated athletes, may face mental breakdowns and premature retirements once they lose. While some athletes may struggle to recover after facing defeat, the resilient ones come back stronger than ever. Strong individuals use failure as a stepping stone to learn and grow. This ability to bounce back distinguishes a true champion from a quitter. 

Rewire your brain to accept failure.

Can Affirmations Rewire Your Brain?

Self-affirmations absolutely can be a powerful tool for inspiration. Take Mike Tyson, for example; even in his later years, stepping back into the ring, he relied on self-affirmation to boost his ego and motivation. If you’ve faced a setback, using positive affirmations daily can be a key strategy to shift your mindset and regain inspiration, paving the way for you to work towards your goals again. 

Many renowned brands, like Nike, leverage famous quotes such as “Just Do It” as repeating this can be self-affirmation. These simple yet impactful slogans have become widely recognized, and just reading them can evoke inspiration. The effectiveness lies in the resonance these words create with people, contributing significantly to Nike’s rise. It emphasizes the potency of self-affirmation as a tool—you just need to incorporate it into your daily routine consistently.

If setbacks are getting you down, consider incorporating daily affirmations into your life. Stand in front of the mirror, speak them out loud, and share your goals with as many friends and family as possible. By vocalizing your commitment, you not only avoid appearing inconsistent but also build a strong support system.

Regularly expressing your intentions reinforces belief in yourself, gradually rewiring your mindset for success. This consistent practice can be a powerful catalyst for regaining inspiration.

Action lead to success.

How Does Taking Action Lead To Success?

Success requires more than just affirmations; it demands real action. While self-affirmations are fantastic for motivation, simply repeating them daily won’t lead you anywhere if not coupled with actionable steps.

It’s important to take that initial step and initiate action promptly. The sooner you start taking action, the quicker you’ll build momentum towards your dreams. Remember, it’s the combination of positive affirmations and proactive steps that propels you towards a success goal.

If you’re having trouble taking action, consider placing yourself in challenging situations that compel you to act. For example, when struggling to wake up early, I would set two alarms and even use a light alarm to illuminate my room. Taking it a step further as I was a heavy sleeper, I downloaded an action app that required me to scan a barcode in the bathroom to turn off the alarm.

Placing the barcode in my bathroom near my toothbrush made it easier for me to wash my face and brush my teeth. By creating situations that demanded action, I increased the likelihood of achieving my goals and found the inspiration to stay on track.

Day Dreaming about the good life you can have.

Should I Follow My Dreams or Be Realistic?

While chasing your dreams is commendable, it’s crucial to recognize that some dreams may be unrealistic, leading to a life of misery. When faced with failure, it’s wise to reevaluate the feasibility of your goal. Not every dream is achievable or suitable to pursue.

If you’ve been relentlessly chasing a dream without progress, it might be worth considering a more realistic goal. For instance, if aspiring to be a top athlete seems unattainable, becoming a coach in the sport you love could be more achievable. Accepting failure and redirecting your efforts towards a more realistic goal can be a great step in moving forward with your life.

Becoming a coach may not be your initial preference, but it can be equally rewarding if you find success in it. Take Michael Jordan, for example; his dream was to be a baseball player, but he ended up becoming the greatest basketball player ever. While his first goal wasn’t realized, being the NBA’s best player is still impressive. So, don’t lose hope entirely—there’s a chance to discover new inspiration in unexpected paths.


If you’ve encountered failure in life, I trust this article has provided valuable insights to help you rebound and avoid lingering in defeat too long. Failure is a natural part of life, and each experience builds resilience for future success.

By following the steps outlined in the article, you can bounce back with renewed inspiration, inching closer to your dreams—especially when those dreams are grounded in realistic and reasonable expectations. Remember, setbacks are stepping stones to strength and future success. Just know everyone has failed at one point in their life, some things are not meant to be so just find a new goal and keep going.

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