Have you ever faced a tough reality that is hard to overcome? What can you do to overcome such a challenging situation? Will you accept reality, or will you succumb to intense pressure? 

A beneficial approach to embracing harsh realities is to acknowledge them as an inherent part of life, recognizing that there may be no other means to alter them. Consider whether life would even be meaningful without challenges and if everything were easily attainable. Additionally, viewing harsh realities as challenges can infuse a sense of enjoyment, akin to advancing to an expert mode in the game of life, and easy mode is for beginners.

What Causes People To Become Pessimistic? 

There are numerous reasons why people may adopt a pessimistic outlook on life, including factors such as stress, depression, and past negative experiences. Below are some common reasons that cause pessimism:

  • Break Up
  • Financial Struggle
  • Not Progressing in Life
  • Not Obtaining Desired Goals
  • Addiction
  • Lack of Understanding of Life
The harsh reality of a broken heart.

How Do I Stop Negative Thoughts After A Break-Up? 

Finding a new lover to replace your old lover can be an option. Perhaps you believe that a person is irreplaceable, but it’s important not to view it through such a pessimistic view. Instead, consider those moments as good memories in life that you can never relive again.

I’m sure you’ve had amazing memories that you occasionally reflect upon. However, there is no time machine to go back and relive those memories. Instead, you likely cherish those memories each time you think about them without being pessimistic about it.

Acknowledge that we can never relive those moments, and reflect on the good times we had with our past lover. It’s now time to create new memorable moments with someone new, and you should be excited.

Struggling with bills can be harsh.

What Are The Effects Of Struggling Financially?

Experiencing pessimism, thoughts of suicide, depression, and a lack of motivation are among the potential consequences of financial struggle. It’s important to note that encountering financial difficulties should not trigger these emotions, as they are a common part of life experienced by everyone at some point.

Even Elon Musk, a wealthy man, and his company Tesla confronted financial challenges at one point, almost reaching the brink of bankruptcy. The important element is to persist and recognize that such situations are temporary, with the assurance that they will eventually improve as long as you continue to persevere in your struggles.

Everyone enjoys a story of someone’s journey from poverty to riches. Nobody wants to hear a rich person boasting about always being wealthy and maintaining their wealth. Thus, it’s not entirely negative to face financial struggles from time to time. It will make you stronger for the task ahead.

As long as you discover a means to overcome these financial challenges, you’ll have an incredible story to share with others. Keep your spirits high, and there’s no need to adopt a pessimistic attitude towards life, as your difficulties will eventually disappear.

Not making progress in life can bring you down.

Why Is My Life Stagnant And Not Progressing?

When it feels like life isn’t showing you the respect you deserve and the progress seems slow, there’s no need to adopt a pessimistic mindset. Several factors could contribute to your stagnation. Perhaps you’re caught in a routine, repeating the same actions day in and day out without taking risks and trying new possibilities. Maybe you’re giving it your all, but it isn’t enough.

One effective strategy is to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you in the goal you’re trying to achieve. They can inspire and challenge you to work harder and make quicker progress. If you believe you’re putting forth your best effort and still not advancing, stay patient because progress often takes time.

If you’ve exhausted all your options and still have no progress, then consider reaching out to successful individuals who can guide you in the direction you want to go. In some cases, it might be worth investing money in professional coaching from experts in your field.

For instance, I was trying to generate income online from blogging, but I wasn’t making much headway until I enrolled in an online course about blogging. This affordable course from Income School taught me more than I could have learned from random YouTube videos in a short amount of time. Sometimes, professional help from industry experts can expedite your progress time fold instead of chasing dead ends with slow progress.

So if you try everything you can on your own and still stagnate, then the key to progress often lies in identifying where you want to improve in life, and then finding an expert in that field at a reasonable cost. No one wants to put out money if they don’t have to, but investing in yourself to break free from stagnation is well worth the money spent.

Keep going even with a tough road ahead.

Why I Am Unable To Achieve My Goals and Should I Face Reality?

You may find it challenging to achieve your goals if they are unrealistic or impossible to achieve. Sometimes, your approach to these goals might be misguided, akin to chasing an impossible dream. Depending on the nature of your goals, it’s essential to confront harsh realities and adopt a more realistic approach.

For instance, aspiring to become the world’s best boxer at the age of 60 might be an impossible goal. In such cases, adjusting your ambition to become the best boxer in your age group can be more realistic. However, if you’ve never boxed before and have physical limitations like a bad back, it may be necessary to reevaluate your goals entirely and accept the harsh reality that boxing might be a bad idea.

When you’ve identified an achievable goal, it’s important to recognize that progress won’t happen right away, so it’s crucial to be patient with yourself. Take it step by step, make gradual advancements, and meticulously plan out your path to not waste time.

For example, aiming to become a professional boxer after training for 30 years might not be a sound strategy. Instead, consider setting realistic, incremental goals that align with your capabilities and the time you have.

If you reach for the top and don’t quite make it, remember that it’s okay to fail. Many individuals never even have the opportunity to pursue their dreams at all.

Some people have aspirations as fundamental as regaining the ability to walk after a terrible car accident. In the face of harsh realities, avoid disappointment and understand that in life, we don’t always attain everything we desire, and be optimistic instead of pessimistic.

Drug addiction can ruin your life.

Does Addiction Cause Pessimistic?

Addiction can lead to pessimism, and my personal experiences reflect this. In my younger days, I experimented with substances like ecstasy, rock cocaine, even meth, and a few other drugs I can’t remember. Each of these drugs had its unique way of inducing feelings of hopelessness and pessimism. However, I’m thankful that I never became an addict and was only experimenting with them.

For those who do become addicted, the sense of despair can be strong. I’ve witnessed friends who struggled to quit and, as a result, ended up homeless sleeping in tents.

It’s heartbreaking to see them trapped in a cycle of addiction, and feeling more pessimistic about their future. Trying to persuade them to change their ways can be incredibly challenging, as they often choose to live in dire conditions rather than change their addiction. 

Being homeless can be a harsh reality of life.

Personally, I didn’t like the feeling of pessimism that often accompanied these substances. I prefer to maintain hope and a strong sense of optimism in life. From my experiences, it’s evident that drug addiction can erode self-esteem and cause a person to feel pessimistic. Many individuals have ruined their lives due to addiction.

Based on my experiences and observations, I strongly discourage experimenting with such drugs. The potential consequences, including homelessness and a sense of hopelessness, far outweigh any temporary pleasure.

If you ever had a bad hangover the next day for drinking too much alcohol, and feeling a sense of pessimism then doing these drugs can have the same feeling but a lot stronger as these drugs are a lot more powerful than alcohol is. It can make you feel so pessimistic that you want to give up on life and just smoke your life away and never do anything again. Your whole existence and purpose will be just to smoke and find ways to get your next high, not the life anyone wants to live.

Not only do drugs destroy you mentally, but they will destroy you physically as many of my friends after seeing them again after years of abuse looked like they aged very badly. They all looked like they were about 10 to 15 years older than me with missing teeth and scars all over their face. Just have that image in your head the next time you want to try any kind of drugs, and you will think twice. 

How Can I Avoid My Pessimistic View About Life?

Change your mindset, especially among young people who often possess a more pessimistic outlook due to their limited understanding of the world. With age and experience, there’s hope that this perspective will shift towards optimism.

As people grow older they come to realize that life isn’t as horrible as they once perceived it to be. They begin to appreciate the wonders of the world and the importance of maintaining hope and finding joy. It’s essential to remember that the world isn’t ending any time soon, and there’s no reason to adopt a pessimistic outlook.

No matter the difficulties you face, it’s important to acknowledge that your circumstances are relatively good, particularly when compared to the challenges that many people across the globe endure. This is especially true for those fortunate enough to live in rich and developed countries with access to clean water and an abundance of food.

Rather than viewing the glass cup as half full or half empty, consider yourself fortunate to even have a glass cup of water in the first place. This perspective can help alleviate pessimism about your life.

During a visit to my family in Vietnam a few years back, I observed them exchanging fruits as gifts. In America, such a gesture might be considered unusual, but to them, receiving fruit brought them joy.

It’s worth noting that they had grown the fruit themselves, whereas in America, fruits are abundant and affordable. Recognizing your fortune can lead to a more positive view of life. Your life may be better than you realize, so it’s time to start looking up and not down.

Keep fighting to for real success.


If you were having trouble accepting your harsh life and its reality, then I hope by reading this you can be more accepting of the reality you live in and stop being so pessimistic. Life is how you want to view it, if you want to view it from a negative point of view then your life will stay that way, but if you want to improve it and view it more positively then you will start to notice more positive outcomes coming your way.

By AL Tran

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