Whether you’re drawn to reading for its benefits or you’re a closet comic fan hesitant to display in public, embracing comic books as an adult shouldn’t be an embarrassment. These vibrant books blend imagery with words, offering a unique storytelling experience. Don’t let societal norms dictate your reading preferences—comics are a legitimate form of literature for all ages. From complex character development to thought-provoking themes, let’s talk about why you should enjoy comic books openly.

Despite the judgmental views of some, comics have a rich history and a significant following among millennials. They’re no more childish than enjoying fiction books, fairy tales, or playing video games—they’re simply another form of entertainment. If you find joy in reading comics, there’s no reason to be embarrassed by it. Embrace your interests openly, recognizing that comics offer engaging narratives and complex themes that can be another way for you to enjoy books.

Comic books can be enjoy by kids and adults.

What are The Benefits of Reading Comic Books?

Comic books offer a less stressful reading experience compared to dense chapter books even if it is for entertainment purposes. With fewer words per page, comics create a relaxing feeling and enjoyable atmosphere for readers, making it feel more like entertainment than a chore. 

The abundance of pictures in comics is visually attractive and can capture readers’ attention more effectively than words alone. It’s rare for someone to feel stressed while flipping through a comic book due to its minimal words per page. If you do find comic books stressful to read, it might indicate you have laziness issues that need fixing. 

Comic books serve as an excellent gateway to creating a regular reading habit, especially for those intimidated by the prospect of diving into thick, text-heavy books. Similar to easing into a workout routine, starting with comics offers a gentle introduction. 

By beginning with lighter material and gradually increasing difficulty, readers can steadily build their reading skills. Like building muscle, developing a reading habit takes time, and pushing too hard too fast at the outset can lead to frustration and abandonment. Instead, by taking it slow and enjoying the process, readers can gradually immerse themselves in the world of literature and potentially even become a bibliomania without realizing it.

Movie adaptation of comic books is becoming extremely popular.

Why Did Comic Books Become Popular?

Comic books have remained popular over time due to their nostalgic appeal for many who grew up with them, but their popularity has also continued to grow thanks to a diverse array of interesting characters and storylines. With countless options to choose from, there’s something for everyone within the world of comic books. 

The enduring fascination with superpowers and heroism, dating back to ancient tales of gods and mythical beings, also helps contribute to the enduring allure of comics. Throughout history, humans have revered figures with extraordinary abilities, often viewing them as divine or superhuman entities and worshiping them. This ancient fascination with beings possessing incredible powers has persisted across cultures and civilizations and might have carried over into modern forms such as comic books. 

With the surge in movie adaptations and video games featuring comic book characters, these iconic figures are becoming more popular than ever. Introducing young children to these characters at an early age ensures they form a lasting bond with them, creating amazing memories that will endure as they grow older. This exposure not only enriches their childhood experiences but also solidifies the place of these heroic characters in their hearts as they grow older. 

Why are Comics Frowned Upon?

Critics may frown upon comic books for their lower text density, but their negativity shouldn’t deter enthusiasts. Engaging with comics is still a form of reading, and any reading has benefits. Spending hours absorbed in comics is a far more productive activity than mindlessly scrolling through social media and watching meaningless videos. 

Furthermore, reading comics requires active engagement and mental effort as readers analyze images and text to understand the storyline and the character’s actions. This process stimulates problem-solving skills akin to solving a puzzle, offering a mental boost. Thus, comic books provide valuable brain stimulation and should be valued for their role in promoting literacy and critical thinking.

Although comic books may not be perceived as valuable as a traditional chapter book, they offer numerous benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. If you find enjoyment in reading comics, it’s time to embrace them openly and without concern for critics who may not understand them. Worrying about others’ opinions is meaningless and detracts from the pleasure of reading. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of comics and find other people who are passionate about them to share your comic collection.

It’s not uncommon to find individuals in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s who still cherish their comic book collections, preserving them in excellent condition. There’s nothing childish about enjoying comic books; it’s akin to preserving cherished memories from our youth, much like keeping old photographs. I regret not holding onto my childhood comic collections, realizing they could be worth a lot of money today, and possibly more as time goes by.

Comic books should not be frowned upon at all; in fact, schools could benefit from introducing them to children as a means of improving engagement with reading. Comics can serve as an effective gateway to instilling a love for reading in young readers, acting as a precursor to developing a broader interest in literature. By incorporating comics into educational settings, educators can tap into their appeal and captivate students’ interest.

Comic books shouldn't be frown upon.


Everyone holds onto cherished childhood memories or items like a teddy bear they used to sleep with or a comic book they love reading, whether others perceive them as childish or not. The opinions of others shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of these treasured possessions. 

Comic books often hold fun memories for many of us, and we should be free to enjoy them without fear of judgment. Those who judge others for their interests simply lack understanding of the world around them. It’s important to embrace what brings us joy without concern for outside opinions. So, continue to enjoy your comic book collection without worrying about judgmental people. 

By AL Tran

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