If you have severe scarring and are looking for a skilled plastic surgeon to assist you with scar revision, but you’re unsure where to start, then keep reading. When you search online, you’ll find numerous surgeons advertising their services, all claiming to be good. However, you may also come across stories in online forms of doctors who have made scars worse. Keep reading and I will share my experience on how I was able to find a good plastic surgeon in my area for an affordable price to help me with my scars.

Start by searching Google, Yelp, and relevant websites in your area. If there are no suitable options nearby, expand your search area. Research online to be knowledgeable about your condition to avoid relying solely on a doctor’s recommendations.

Look for reviews and testimonials online to identify reputable doctors who specialize in your issue. Narrow down your choices and schedule appointments with the top few doctors to ask detailed questions and assess their confidence in solving your issues. 

Researching ways to fix your ugly scars.

This method can be applied when searching for any type of doctor or specialist, not just for acne scarring. Whether you’re looking for a breast augmentation specialist, a dentist, or any other healthcare professional, this approach can help you find the right doctor to help.

Please note that this is based on my personal experience, and I’m not providing any medical advice. The goal is to assist you in finding a competent doctor who specializes in your concern.

It’s important to be aware that some surgeons advertise procedures they don’t perform or lack confidence in performing. They may include these procedures on their website to enhance their credentials and attract more customers to their clinic.

Remember that doctors provide services for a fee, so it’s crucial to find a reliable one who genuinely aims to help you. By conducting thorough research, reading reviews, and asking questions during in-person consultations, you can make an informed and educated decision and find a doctor who is competent and trustworthy.

The reason I am writing this article is because I had a bad experience when I was 18 with a doctor. I trusted a doctor who didn’t know what they were doing, and as a result, I ended up with a permanent scar that greatly affected me and caused depression for a while. Looking back, it seems like that doctor either lacked the necessary skills or only cared about making more money. I want to share my story to raise awareness and help others avoid similar experiences because doctors are highly respected and it is easy to fall for their trap.

The danger of using the wrong doctor.

Let’s go back in time to an experience that made me more cautious about trusting any doctor. I was 18 years old when I went for a regular checkup with my doctor. During my appointment, the doctor noticed a lump on my nose and recommended its removal. I mentioned to him that I was taking Accutane, a medication known to increase the risk of scarring, and I expressed my concerns about moving forward.

It should have been common knowledge for any responsible doctor to understand that Accutane can make a person prone to scarring and advise against any skin-related procedures. However, he disregarded my worries, insisting that he was a doctor and that I should trust him. This raised my suspicions, as he was a general doctor claiming to also perform skin care procedures.

Despite my doubts, I decided to trust his judgment, which unfortunately turned out to be a horrible mistake. The outcome was devastating, as he left a large, dented crater scar in the middle of my nose, causing me to feel depressed for quite some time.

To seek help, I visited other plastic surgeons in the area, showing them my scarred face. They were shocked by what they saw and couldn’t believe that the bad doctor had proceeded with the procedure despite my Accutane use. They expressed a desire to identify the doctor and report the incident, but being young and depressed, I didn’t have the strength to pursue reporting him. The new doctors advised me to wait for a year and return once my scar had further healed.

Fortunately, as time went by, the scar on my nose gradually healed and became less noticeable. However, it left behind a noticeable depression where the smaller lump used to be. This experience taught me a valuable lesson about being extremely cautious when considering any significant medical procedure. It made me realize that choosing the right doctor is crucial in any procedure.

Over time, I learned to accept and live with the ugly scars on my nose. However, as new technologies and advancements emerged, I became hopeful that I could finally have them removed. I had been eyeing a plastic surgeon in my area for quite some time. His Yelp page boasted a flawless five-star rating with hundreds of good reviews. The anticipation grew as I looked forward to meeting him, hoping that he would be able to help me achieve my long-desired goal of removing my scars permanently.

Does Insurance Cover Scar Revision?

In general, most insurance policies do not provide coverage for cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures are not considered a medical necessity, individuals seeking cosmetic treatments are usually responsible for covering the associated costs out of pocket. It’s essential to review your insurance policy and consult with your insurance provider.

I was hopeful that insurance would cover the revision cost of my scars as the consultation fee alone with this flawless five-star Yelp surgeon amounted to a whopping $175. Furthermore, the wait time just to see him was a few months. Although this fee was three to four times higher compared to other clinics, I didn’t mind, because my priority was to invest in the best surgeon available for my scar revision.

Don't over pay for your surgeon.

My meeting with the plastic surgeon turned out to be disappointing. Despite claiming expertise in skincare on his website, he seems to lack knowledge in the field. I discovered that they even advertised a procedure on their website that they didn’t perform.

This realization made me question the integrity of these surgeons, as it seemed they were solely focused on making money and used false advertising for personal gains. During our brief 10-minute meeting, he appeared annoyed by my questions and hurriedly rushed me out, which only added to the frustration.

Interestingly, he did refer me to another doctor who could perform the procedure. However, it seemed unnecessary to pay $175 for a simple referral when I could have found the doctor on my own without wasting my time and money. This experience motivated me to write this article, aiming to help others save their money and avoid falling for the hype created by online reviews.

I’ve often wondered how some clinics manage to receive positive reviews while providing subpar service. It’s possible they ask friends to leave positive reviews or are skilled at gaming the system. Additionally, positive reviews may be for other procedures they excel at, while lacking expertise in the specific area you’re seeking help with.

Do surgeons lack empathy?

Do Surgeons Lack Empathy?

While some surgeons may lack empathy, it depends on the individual, and not everyone can be stereotyped based on their profession. The doctor I was referred to did show a lack of empathy he still did a decent job of removing some of my scars. He specialized in subcision, and he didn’t seem to listen or care much about my concerns and rushed through appointments.

Additionally, his staff kept forgetting to provide me with proper aftercare instructions, which is a crucial aspect of the process. It made me realize the importance of receiving accurate aftercare instructions, as the healing of scars doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. Taking care of your skin at home is vital to prevent further scarring and promote optimal scar healing.

A lot of time I had to go home and research the aftercare instruction online on my own. I also learned the significance of the staff in the process. They play an essential role, and it’s crucial to have a competent and caring staff that can provide you with the necessary support and guidance.

The doctor who specialized in subcision overall didn’t deliver great results. The subcision procedure only worked for some of my scars and didn’t have any effect on the prominent deep dent on my nose, which was the most noticeable.

I expressed my concerns to the doctor’s staff over the phone and wanted to explore other procedures advertised on their site, but they instructed me to discuss them directly with the doctor. However, when I brought up the idea during my appointment, he seemed irritated and rushed through the procedure even worsening some of my scars in the process. After that experience, I decided never to return to him again.

If you find this article interesting and helpful in providing the information you’re seeking, then keep reading as the most valuable part is yet to come.

I started to lose hope once again in finding a solution for the prominent scars on my nose and also found out from online research the nose is one of the hardest parts to fix for scarring. However, I remained determined and even went to extremes, and searched for the best doctors worldwide.

I even looked into plastic surgeons in Korea, as they are renowned for their expertise in plastic surgery, but I couldn’t find much information about scar treatment. It made me realize just how challenging it is to find a skilled scar surgeon, and even more so than finding a plastic surgeon for facial and body contouring.

During my continued search for a solution, I came across a surgeon in Australia who claimed to specialize in treating facial scarring. He had a strong online presence, constantly discussing the topic with many followers. Another doctor I came across boasted about working with celebrities in Hollywood’s upscale neighborhoods, charging high prices.

Some surgeon are greedy learn to avoid them.

Despite the buzz surrounding them, I found it puzzling that both doctors had received only three-star ratings on Yelp, with several reviewers expressing that their scars had worsened after their treatment. This raised concerns and made me hesitant to pursue treatment. I realized it was perplexing how doctors claiming expertise in scar treatment had such low reviews and many complained in the comments section.

Read all yelp review to find a good surgeon.

During my search, I discovered a helpful hack on Yelp. By utilizing the comment section, I could search for keywords related to my issue, such as “scars” or “scarring.” This allowed me to find reviews and information specifically about the surgeon’s expertise in that area. It was also valuable to read through negative reviews, especially those mentioning the surgeon making the scars worse. Whenever I came across such comments, I would move on and find another doctor.

Using the keyword search in Yelp’s comment section enabled me to assess the number of people a surgeon had worked on for a particular procedure and the results obtained. It helped me determine if the negative reviews were relevant to the specific procedure. This technique proved beneficial in finding my next surgeon.

However, there was a drawback with this doctor—he was relatively new. During my visit, he lacked confidence in treating my nose scar, stating that it was a complex case and attempting to address it might worsen it. Unfortunately, this meant I had wasted more money and time on consultations.

This experience led me to another tip: researching a doctor’s name online and determining how long they have been practicing and what school they graduated from. Always avoid going to a spa for these kinds of procedures and go to a real doctor. If they are too new in the field, they might lack the necessary experience and skills to handle complex cases.

Does Your Doctor’s Age Matter?

It’s important to consider the age of a doctor when choosing one, as both being too young and inexperienced or too old and potentially less sharp can pose dangerous risks. I had a bad experience with our family doctor misdiagnosing my mom. She was nearing retirement, and her diagnostic abilities had declined greatly.

Unfortunately, one month later, we discovered that my mom was misdiagnosed with something minor that turned out to be cancer. If she had been correctly diagnosed earlier, she would have had more time to spend with us. This situation emphasized the significance of finding a doctor who is in the right range—not too young and inexperienced, but also not too old and potentially less mentally sharp.  

Type of atrophic scars cause by acne.

The last doctor I found and the one I am currently using turned out to be a good surgeon. His website showcased his specialization in scar treatment, and he received high ratings and positive reviews. By using the keyword search in Yelp comments, I discovered that he had performed numerous successful scar procedures.

Although he had a few negative reviews related to billing issues, I considered this a minor concern compared to his ability as a surgeon. It seemed like the billing issues were staff-related and not a reflection of his skill.

Why is Staff Important in Healthcare?

Staff members are an essential part of healthcare because they often provide aftercare instructions and follow-up support to ensure that patients remember to perform crucial tasks. Additionally, they are responsible for administering medications and handling related matters, as surgeons can become exceptionally busy and may forget about individual patients.

It’s important to note that the staff in a doctor’s clinic may change over time, so it’s crucial to do your research and take charge of your healthcare. In my case, some of his staff made minor billing mistakes, but it wasn’t intentional.

Despite having a long wait time of 3-4 months for a consultation, the doctor’s pricing was fair, which indicated that he cared about his patients and didn’t overcharge them. During my appointment, I asked him and his staff numerous questions, and while his staff seemed unsure, he confidently answered all of them, although he did appear slightly annoyed by the extent of my inquiries.

I decided to proceed with the procedure based on the information he provided, but I also conducted further research on my own. The procedure itself went smoothly, but as expected, the aftercare instructions provided by his staff were not clear. Thankfully, I had already researched and familiarized myself with the necessary aftercare procedures. It’s important to remember that doctors are busy individuals and may not remember everything or have sufficient time for individual patients.

Therefore, it’s crucial to take responsibility for your healthcare, especially during the post-procedure period. This article serves as a reminder that to achieve good results, it’s essential to put in your effort and conduct research. By being proactive and advocating for yourself, you increase the success of the outcome.

Scars treatment and the average cost.

Can a Plastic Surgeon Get Rid of Acne Scars? 

In general, most plastic surgeons also specialize in scar revision. If you visit their websites, you will most likely find a dedicated section on scar revision. However, it’s important to note that some surgeons may focus solely on body contouring procedures, so it’s advisable to check their website to see if they offer scar revision. By reviewing their website, you can determine if they have the expertise and experience in treating your scars. 

Can Retinol Remove Acne Scars?

Retinol has been known to help reduce and fade scars, but it cannot eliminate scars. Retinol works by promoting skin cell turnover and collagen production, which can help minimize the visibility of scars. However, it is crucial to have realistic expectations and understand that the complete removal of scars is not possible with Retinol.


Currently, the large dented scar on my nose is barely noticeable. I continue to work with my surgeon, and I am pleased with the progress. I hope that sharing my personal experience will assist you in finding a good doctor for your own needs and that the tips provided can help you narrow down the best possible surgeon for any situation. It’s crucial to approach any procedure with caution, as it has the potential to either improve or worsen your situation.

By AL Tran


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