Regardless of who they are, everyone experiences tragedy in life—whether it’s the loss of a loved one, enduring permanent self-injury, or facing failure. However, what truly matters is their ability to discover a fresh perspective on life and continue living without ever giving up. Keep reading if you’re going through a hard time and are not sure how to cope with it.

Your mind plays a vital role in shaping your perceptions. Some individuals with vast wealth can succumb to the pressure and resort to suicide, while others born with disabilities can lead fulfilling and joyful lives, seemingly unaffected by their limitations. The key is to recognize that one’s perspective determines how they view the world – whether through a positive or negative lens. 

By choosing to shift their outlook during tragedy, individuals can experience a profound transformation, seeing the world in an entirely different light and wondering why they were stressed and depressed in the first place. Each individual holds the power within their mind to shape their experiences and highlights the importance of cultivating a positive perspective for a more fulfilling life.

shifting the view to joy, from tragedy

What Are Examples of Tragedy?

It all depends on what each person considers important in their life, but there can be countless tragedies depending on how they perceive life. However, by reading this article, hopefully, they will be able to see life from a new perspective and discover happiness to continue living. Some of the most common tragedies that can deeply hurt a person and make them not want to live include some of the situations below.

  • Death of a Love One – Death of a loved one refers to the passing away of someone close to you, such as a family member or a close friend. It is an extremely emotional experience that can leave a lasting impact on a person’s life.
  • Permanent Disability from Accident – An accident that someone has experienced that causes severe injury that will stay with them for the rest of their life. This injury can affect their ability to do certain things, like walking or using their arms, and they may need ongoing support and accommodations for daily life. 
  • Failure or major setback – This Refers to a significant obstacle or failure in achieving a desired goal or outcome. It represents a moment of not succeeding as intended and can be emotionally challenging and stressful. Experiencing financial ruin, business failure, dream pursuit ending in failure, and losing money in the stock market are all significant setbacks in life. 
  • Love Challenge – Love difficulties refer to conflicts, or obstacles that arise within a romantic partnership. These challenges can be caused by various factors, such as breakups, or cheating partners.

How Do You Emotionally Prepare for Someone’s Death?

You can learn to accept the death of a loved one before it happens or even if it comes up unexpectedly by understanding that it is a natural part of life. Everything that lives will eventually die, just like how even our sun will fade away. Read an amazing book about dealing with the death of a loved one here.

Preparing yourself mentally and accepting this reality can help ease the pain when facing loss, similar to how Buddhist monks cope with emotions more effectively through mindfulness meditation. You don’t have to be a monk to use this practice; anyone can learn from them and apply it to anticipate and handle the death of a loved one.

mindful meditation
Mindfulness Book

An effective way I have found to avoid feeling depressed about death is by changing my perspective. When someone passes away, I choose not to view it as a permanent ending but rather imagine it as if they have moved to another country and are living happily, much like a friend I haven’t seen in over 10 years. 

In life, we often encounter friends with whom we lose contact, and though the chances of meeting them again may be slim, it doesn’t bring us into a depression. Instead, we hold on to the hope that they are doing well and perhaps, in the future, our paths might cross again. Many of us have such friends from high school or other stages of life, and despite not having spoken for over 25 years, we can still believe that they are out there somewhere, leading a happy life.

The key difference between a friend we lose contact with and a deceased person lies in our perspective. While we know we won’t see our departed loved ones again in this life, altering our perspective can bring us out of depression. 

Understanding that, one day, we will be reunited with them when our time comes, can provide a comforting outlook on death. Embracing this change in perspective allows us to find acceptance, peace, and a sense of continuity, even after the death of a loved one. 

By adopting this perspective, we can free ourselves from unnecessary worry about the permanence of death. Even when a family member passes away, such as a parent or child, we can see it as akin to going away for college in another country. 

reuniting with loved one, life goes on

While we may not see them for a while, we can anticipate the joy of reuniting with them eventually, you just have to be patient. In the vast expanse of the universe, the passage of 40 to 50 years, or even more, is not that long, and knowing that reunion can happen in one way or another brings a sense of acceptance and joy. 

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, this approach can offer happiness. For those who believe in heaven, it provides comfort in knowing that reunification with your loved ones can happen in an eternal realm. On the other hand, for those who believe in reincarnation, the thought of being reborn may bring the anticipation of crossing paths with our loved ones again in many future lives. 

Moreover, even for those who hold scientific beliefs and don’t adhere to any specific religion, there is still reassurance in understanding that the universe is interconnected. Energy, which is an essential component within all living beings, follows the principle of conservation in physics: it cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed from one form to another.

When we die, the energy within us continues to exist, merging with the vast universe. This concept aligns with the principles of quantum physics and applies to individuals with non-religious beliefs, providing a sense of connection with the universe. 

Shifting our perspective and embracing the idea of eventual reunion can help us learn to accept death. This approach is not limited to any specific belief system and can serve as a powerful tool in coping with the inevitability of loss, allowing us to navigate the emotional challenges of death.

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How Do I Stop Being Sad About a Permanent Injury?

Accidents can happen to anyone, and we can’t control them. If we made careless choices in the past, we should be more careful in the future. Now that the injury has happened and is permanent, let’s try to stay positive and remember that we’re still alive, and life goes on.

Some people are born with disabilities, and they had no zero over it. Despite these challenges, there’s still a lot of life to be lived, even if we can’t perform certain tasks due to injury. Let’s focus on what we can do and make the most out of our lives.

If you’re still suffering then learn to transform your suffering, read this book on transforming your suffering by Thich Nhat Hanh here. If you prefer to listen to audio then get a month free of Audible to listen to here.

How a Disable Girl Change My Prospective on Permanent Injury

Some time ago, I was at a restaurant and saw a young girl in a wheelchair. It made me feel sad, but she seemed to be unaffected by her situation like she had been that way for a while. I wondered how someone could be so peaceful and content despite facing such a difficult life. 

Thinking about how would anyone handle such a situation, I realized that just being alive and breathing is something to be joyful about, as life is a precious gift that we should cherish and make the most of. The little girl’s attitude taught me the importance of appreciating every moment of life.

Imagine you find yourself in a challenging situation, like losing a leg in an accident. It may seem like your life has taken a difficult turn, but you realize that you still have your hand. You can’t run like before, but you can savor the pleasure of eating your favorite dishes and enjoy the comfort of watching your favorite shows. Life may have presented you with a new set of obstacles, but it has also allowed you to discover new joys and experiences that you might not have appreciated before.  

Even in circumstances where vision is taken away, there is still a world of other possibilities. You might not see the beauty of the world with your eyes, but you can immerse yourself in the melodies of your favorite songs and revel in the magic of music and sound. There are countless other things to explore, you’ll find that life can still hold profound meaning and happiness. 

life is good no matter what

An Inspiration Artist From Vietnam

An inspiring story of a young artist can be found in Vietnam. Despite being born unable to walk or hold a brush correctly, this young man defies his physical limitations and lives life to the fullest of his ability. He had to learn to paint by holding a paintbrush with his mouth because all of his limbs are not working properly.

He has found his passion in creating astounding art, proving that with determination and a new perspective on life, one can triumph over any obstacle. You can read about this inspirational young man here.

In life, we all have dreams and aspirations we strive to achieve. However, the reality is that many of us will face setbacks and failures. Some individuals may find it challenging to accept these failures, leading to feelings of depression. While some may encounter major setbacks, it’s important to keep reading to discover how to cope with these challenges. 

fail dreams

What to do When Dreams Fail?

In life, remember that you haven’t truly failed your dream until you give up. You have your entire life to work towards achieving your dreams, so keep persevering until achieve them. And don’t feel limited to having just one dream; you can have countless dreams and aspirations to pursue throughout your life. 

If one dream doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Keep searching and working towards finding a dream that you can achieve and succeed at. While some people may only dream without the chance to pursue them, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to chase the dreams. Even if you face setbacks, remember to be kind to yourself and consider exploring other dreams that you can achieve. 

For example, falling short of making it onto the baseball team doesn’t mean your dreams are over. There are still countless dreams for you to explore and pursue. For instance, you could try becoming an arm wrestling champion, where you might discover a new passion and excel. 

Even the legendary Michael Jordan had a different dream initially—to become a baseball player—but fate led him to become the greatest basketball player of all time. So, keep your mind open to new opportunities, and other interests will come your way. 

hunger around the world

How Do I Stop Being Stressed About Money?

If you give your best effort and work diligently, there’s a good chance you won’t need to stress about money as you’ll likely have enough money. It’s essential to remember that a significant portion of the world’s population still lives in poverty, and if you find yourself worrying about money, you are likely living in much better circumstances than many people. 

Many people in the world still face daily challenges in finding food and clean drinking water, so keeping this perspective can help us appreciate what we have and reduce financial stress. According to Our World in Data, about 85% of the world lives on less than 30 dollars a day. 

If money is still stressing you out then I highly recommend you read this book about financial freedom by Tony Robbins here.

How Do You Get Over a Divorce Mentally?

Changing your perspective on a difficult situation, such as a divorce or breakup, can be instrumental in overcoming the situation mentally. It’s essential to realize that all relationships, whether through death, or separation eventually come to an end in some form. Rather than dwelling on the loss, consider that letting go of an unhappy relationship can open doors to a new one. 

If you force that person to stay with you and they end up cheating on you, you just made the situation worst. It is best to let go and just cherish the good moment you had and now it is time for a new and better moment with a new person.

Embrace the concept of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ when facing a divorce. Just as most people feel excited about something new in their lives, approach this change with a new perspective. By letting go of an unfulfilling relationship, you make room for the possibility of finding true love that awaits you in the future.

Your perspective plays a crucial role in how you navigate through the situation mentally. Embrace the chance for growth, and know that a better lover is waiting for you to love them. By focusing on the potential for something new and exciting, you can move forward with optimism and find the love you deserve. 

break up to make up


If you’re grappling with tragedy and feeling overwhelmed, this article aims to offer a fresh perspective on your problems. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed but remember that others may be enduring even more difficult situations than you. Shifting your perspective to see the positive aspects can help you realize that things may not be as dire as you think. Many people experience similar struggles in life, and knowing you’re not alone.

Embracing a different outlook can create a more positive atmosphere. Remember that life is a journey with ups and downs and facing hardships is normal and exciting at the same time. By altering the way you perceive your circumstances, you may discover that the world around you holds more happiness than you thought.

If you’re still feeling depressed and need more guidance then I would suggest reading some self-help book, as knowledge can help you cure any problem in life.

By AL Tran

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