If you ever find yourself lacking motivation and wondering if reading books can help, you’re in luck. Reading books can be one of the most motivating things you can do. Let’s find out why diving into a good book can give you that much-needed motivational boost you have been seeking.

Engaging in reading can significantly improve motivation, particularly when the material is educational. Even if the content isn’t explicitly educational, you can still feel proud of the fact that reading contributes to your intellectual growth. Improving reading and literature skills is a natural byproduct of regular reading. 

If you happen to choose a motivational book, especially one authored by a famous speaker like Tony Robbins, you’re in for the ultimate motivation boost. These books are crafted with the specific intent of inspiring motivation. 

Reading to improve your motivation for a better workout.

How Does Reading Motivate You?

Reading has the power to motivate because words hold significant influence and can reshape your life. Consider the inspiring scenes at your gym, where a personal trainer passionately encourages their trainee to push harder—a vivid example of how powerful words can inspire.

Verbal encouragement is essentially the same as written encouragement in a book; it just uses a different format. The beauty of books is that you can pick one up anytime, and you don’t need someone physically present to inspire you. The format may differ, but the impact on motivation remains consistent, making books a convenient and accessible source of motivation.

Trainers are not the only people who can give words of encouragement. Just observe those individuals who train with a buddy—they often motivate each other by shouting encouragement to push harder during workouts. Another reason why having a workout buddy, especially when you feel sluggish, is beneficial. 

The mutual support and shared motivation between friends can make the fitness journey more enjoyable. It’s a reminder that words of encouragement from peers can also be just as powerful in keeping you motivated during exercise.

In similar scenarios, coaches play a crucial role in motivating their teams, especially when facing a huge deficit late in the game. The power of their words becomes evident as the team fights to turn the game around, providing a great mental boost. 

This dynamic is not only in sports; even in the military, you’ll find instances where individuals are pushed harder through intense verbal encouragement. It highlights the universal effectiveness of motivating words in driving people to overcome challenges.

When it come to books vs videos, what do you choose?
youtube or books

Why Are There So Many Motivational Videos On YouTube? 

Ever wonder why there are so many motivational videos on YouTube, and why they’re racking up tons of views? It’s because words have a powerful impact, and people find themselves repeatedly drawn to watching these videos.

Whether it’s the spoken wisdom akin to motivational books or the verbal encouragement from another person, these videos offer another means to ingrain motivational words into your mind. It’s a tool to boost yourself up and get you motivated in your goals.

Regardless of the format you choose to enhance motivation, the key is to sustain that motivation to reach your goals. While reading books represents a traditional avenue for delivering motivation, newer forms like social media also play a significant role. The medium doesn’t matter; what counts is obtaining the motivational boost you require to keep pushing forward.

Books tend to be a more relatable means of conveying motivation compared to watching random motivational videos on social media or platforms created by individuals with unknown credibility. Relying on someone else to passionately shout motivating words might not always resonate, especially if you’re seeking motivation for specific goals like financial success.

Finding a random multimillionaire to encourage you might be challenging, but with books, you can choose to read quotes from your favorite successful business person, such as Tony Robbins. The credibility of these figures is evident in the effort it takes to publish a book, making it a more reliable source of motivation compared to easily accessible online videos or advice from your friend who most likely isn’t a multimillionaire. 

Watching video can be addiction and make you lazy.

Why is Reading Better Than Watching Videos?

Opting for reading a book to improve your motivation is preferable over videos because it demands more effort and focus. Unlike watching motivational videos, reading requires a higher level of focus, making it less susceptible to distractions.

In today’s online landscape filled with numerous distractions and platforms vying for your attention, it’s easy to be sidetracked. A journey from a motivational video can quickly turn into a cascade of animal videos, and music clips, and before you know it, an hour has passed with your initial motivation sidelined by distractions. Choosing a book ensures a more focused and uninterrupted path to improving motivation.

Are Life Coaches Worth It?

In my opinion, books are also better and more convenient for motivation compared to relying on someone to constantly motivate you, which might not be practical. With a book, you have the flexibility to pick it up at any time you want. Depending too much on a trainer or coach for constant motivation could be impractical and might create a dependency that hinders your ability to self-motivate.

Additionally, books are affordable and accessible, making them cost-effective. On the other hand, personal coaches for motivation can be expensive, and if you’re considering a financial coach, the costs can be even higher, especially if your budget is already tight.

A book serves as a condensed repository of valuable insights, akin to distilling the wisdom of your favorite life coach into an affordable little book. It’s a great bargain, allowing you to access a wealth of knowledge without the hefty cost associated with hiring a life coach.

Reading books from multiple favorite life coaches also becomes feasible, a luxury that might be financially out of reach for the average person when considering the expenses associated with hiring more than one life coach.

A life coach to help give you motivational boost.


Stop waiting! Grab your favorite life coach in book format now, start reading, and set yourself on a path to improve your motivation and achieve your life goals. If you’re unsure of where to start and which life coaches then my recommendation is to take a look at Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

By AL Tran

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