Ever find yourself questioning if you’re spending too much time on social media and contemplating a change to more productive activities? Consider picking up a book—it has the potential to transform lives. Before social media and television, books were a primary source of knowledge and entertainment. Is it still worthwhile to spend time reading books?

By replacing social media with books, you’re shifting from time-wasting to a more productive use of your time. While you can become hooked on books, they may not be as addictive as social media, and they also undoubtedly bring more benefits. 

Whether you’re reading for entertainment or learning, books contribute positively to your skills—enhancing writing and grammar. While social media has its purposes, and educational content can be found there, the reality is that many people get easily distracted, spending hours on endless and often meaningless videos like cute cat clips or pranks, lacking real value.  

While we shouldn’t judge others for spending countless hours watching meaningless videos, as many of us are guilty of the same behavior, it’s wise to consider limiting social media use altogether. In today’s society, social media has become a significant issue for many, impacting our daily lives in ways that aren’t always positive.

Remove distraction from reading.

How much of your time per week do you spend on social media?

People, on average, spend approximately 2.5 hours per day on social media. Despite recognizing the potential wastefulness of this time, the addictive nature of social media often prevails, leading individuals to continue their daily addiction. The awareness of bad time mismanagement doesn’t always deter habitual scrolling and engagement with social platforms. 

Opting out of social media for a year could free up approximately 912.5 hours a year, a substantial amount that can be redirected toward productive activities. This time could be invested in pursuing higher education, such as earning a degree or indulging in intellectually enriching activities like diving into captivating books. Redirecting time spent on social media towards constructive activities holds the potential for personal and intellectual growth. 

By utilizing the 912.5 hours saved from abstaining from social media, you can acquire valuable new skills, potentially leading to real financial gains and personal improvement. I experienced this transformative process when I acquired my real estate license. 

From attending classes to dedicated study sessions and completing the license exams, it all fell within the 912.5 hours you could gain by steering clear of social media. This highlights the tangible benefits of investing time in skill development rather than spending it on social media.

If real estate isn’t your thing, some numerous degrees and skills can be pursued within or near the 912.5 hours saved by skipping social media. For example, becoming a Cosmetologist typically requires around 1000 hours of training, and so does a Barber. 

Similarly, other professions like Esthetician and Electrologist require around 600 hours each, while becoming a Manicurist typically involves only about 400 hours of training. Certainly, there are numerous other licenses and certifications that you can pursue, all fitting within the 912.5 hours saved annually by skipping social media.  

Improve your chance of graduation by removing social media.

What happens if we read books every day? 

If you’re a fast reader, reading a book in less than 3 hours a day is achievable and aligns closely with the time many people waste on social media daily. Envision the transformative impact on your mind—akin to giving your brain a steroid boost. Adopting a habit of reading a book a day could place you in the company of some of the wealthiest and most intelligent individuals in the world, such as Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, and Bill Gates. 

If some of the most successful individuals in the world dedicate their time to reading books, why spend your days on social media? Step away from the social media platform and grab a book if you aspire to make significant changes.

If you’re familiar with the famous Oprah Winfrey, you probably admire her success and wealth. She didn’t achieve greatness by squandering time on trivial activities like watching prank videos. Instead, she invested her valuable time in reading a lot of books. Her renowned quote, “Books were my path to personal freedom,” is a profound message that many individuals seeking success and a more fulfilling life should take seriously.

Could you dream of reading 365 books if you seldom engage with them? Picture yourself completing 365 books in a year—contemplate the immense power and knowledge you could acquire. The thought is both daunting and exhilarating, sparking a mix of fear and excitement at the same time.  

Books can increase your income.

How does social media impact our lives?

Though a small dose of social media now and then isn’t much harm, it could be optimal to eliminate it if it doesn’t serve a purpose to you. Social media has the potential to create various issues, some of which might be unknown to the world. 

Presently, children of today are grappling with challenges that their parents may not have encountered in the past. Social media can contribute to children becoming more hypersensitive, presenting a notable concern. Another well-documented concern is social media addiction, which most people are aware of.

Another significant concern, often overlooked, is the issue of cyberbullying. I’ve encountered instances where individuals have tragically lost their lives to cyberbullying, a disturbing trend that is sadly echoed in similar stories found easily online. If you have young children and you want to teach them about cyberbullying then check out my free audiobook for Audible about cyberbullying here. 

Addicted to social media can be harmful.

What is better books or social media?

After reading this article, if you remain uncertain about why choosing books is preferable, then I strongly recommend deleting all your social media accounts. Embrace the commitment to immerse yourself in reading for a few months if possible. Witness the transformative impact it can have on your life and understand why social media is highly disruptive to your life.

By AL Tran

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