Ever wondered if your unborn baby can hear you and if reading to them can be beneficial? If so, join us as we dive deep into this interesting topic.

Moms should definitely consider reading to their unborn child since babies can hear sounds around 18 weeks in the womb. It’s a great opportunity to introduce them to the rhythm of language and create an early connection. Prenatal music is also an option, providing a head start in familiarizing the baby with various sounds, potentially enhancing their auditory experiences.  

Use sound wave for your fetus.

Do Babies Remember Sounds From The Womb?

Research indicates that unborn babies can retain familiarity with sounds they hear in the womb for several months after birth. The learning process begins as unborn babies become acquainted with their mother’s voice, making reading and speaking to them a valuable way to provide an early start in their development even before they enter our world. 

It’s evident that reading to and playing nursery rhymes for unborn babies can be beneficial. The books will also prove valuable as the child grows and begins their journey of learning to read independently. Investing in books is always a wise choice as they play a crucial role in education. If you have plans to send your kids to college, it’s better to start investing in books early rather than late.  

If you decide not to work during pregnancy, a choice many individuals make, consider picking up a book you can enjoy to pass the time. Reading the book aloud can benefit both you and the unborn baby, improving your speaking and reading skills, especially if you weren’t big on reading before. This also gives the baby plenty of opportunities to get used to the sound of your lonely voice. 

If you’re feeling too tired to read, consider playing a soothing nursery rhyme song or an audiobook for your baby as you take a rest. Pregnancy can be exhausting, and I’ve heard many complaints from my pregnant friends about the need for lots of rest. An engaging early learner audiobook can serve as a helpful companion during those times, and you can grab a free audiobook on us for Audible here. Just scroll down to get the free promo code for Audible.

Read to your baby in the womb is good practice.

Dad Reading to Baby in Womb

Dads can also read to the unborn baby, although studies suggest that the baby tends to prefer the mother’s voice over the father’s. The unborn baby finds it easier to hear the mom’s voice as it’s inside her body compared to the dad’s. Dads might need to get closer and read louder for the baby to hear more of them effectively.

If you’re uncertain about how often to read to your unborn baby, it appears logical to do so as often as possible as research shows. Studies suggest that the more familiar the baby becomes with a sound, the greater the likelihood of retaining the information for a longer period.

Don't listen to loud noise when pregnant.

Can Loud Noise Affect Early Pregnancy?

It’s advisable to not read too loudly or scream when reading to your unborn baby, as loud noises can be damaging to their well-being. If you’re playing nursery rhymes or an audiobook, it’s also wise to avoid setting the volume too high, as it could be harmful to your baby in the womb.

If it feels too loud for you, chances are it’s too loud for your baby. Expectant mothers may consider avoiding sounds louder than 115 dBA, and using earplugs won’t provide protection for the unborn baby since they only shield the mother’s ears and not the unborn baby. 

If your job involves spending most of the day in a loud environment, it’s best to consider staying home during pregnancy. Similarly, attending parties with loud music may not be the most ideal choice either.

What Music Should I Listen to While Pregnant?

It’s likely a good idea to steer clear of rock music or hip hop during pregnancy, as these genres often feature louder and more intense sounds that may not be ideal for unborn babies. Opting for softer music, like lullabies, can be more suitable as it has a calming effect and slows down the heartbeat. Music may even contribute to your child’s sociability, so if you’re tired of reading, switching to a soothing lullaby could be a pleasant alternative.  

Keep in mind that music for adults doesn’t necessarily align with what’s suitable for a baby. Consider switching off your favorite loud rock music, reserving it for your personal space after your birth. Listening to the same lullaby sound repeatedly might become tiresome for some moms. A good alternative is for the mom to play the lullaby for the unborn baby while wearing earplugs to rest, ensuring she doesn’t have to hear the same baby song continuously, especially if it’s enjoyable for the mom.

Read the type of books your unborn will love.

Which Books Should I Read to My Unborn Child?

Opting for something simple and basic when reading to your unborn baby should be fine, as long as the book doesn’t cause you stress, which can be harmful to the baby. Any children’s book is likely to be suitable, and you can even borrow them for free from the public library to save money, considering the expenses that can come with having a baby. 

If you are still unsure about which book to read then you can check out some of our children’s books on the site. We even have free activity books for your child, when they get old enough you can print them out for them to enjoy.


We trust you find this article enjoyable and gain an understanding of the benefits of reading to your unborn. Make sure to have your baby’s books ready when the time comes.

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By AL Tran

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