Discovering the magic of books can be a game-changer for anyone, young or old people. While some may not find them interesting, the life-changing impact they bring is worth exploring. If you’re reading this then most likely you want to unlock their benefits but haven’t really found a way to do it, so keep reading to find out how you can gain interest in reading books.

1. Find Books On the Subject You are Interested In

Discovering the joy of reading can be easier if you pick a book that aligns with your interests. For instance, if you’re into working out, diving into a fitness book filled with tips to boost your exercise routine can be very engaging. Even for those not big on reading, it’s comparable to searching for workout tips online – only, a published book often carries more reliable information. 

When choosing a book, check its ratings on platforms like Amazon and do a quick background check on the author to ensure the credibility of the author. Some authors use pen names, so reading book blurbs can also help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. Remember, the right book can turn your reading into a rewarding experience. 

Finding book on subject you enjoy and is interested in.

2. Built Good Reading Habit

Developing a reading habit becomes easier when you choose books you enjoy and commit to reading them regularly. Just like starting a workout routine, the initial phase might feel challenging, but with consistent effort, it transforms into a source of pride. 

Reading daily will boost your knowledge and also instill a sense of accomplishment. Similar to the way working out becomes a habit, reading can become a part of your daily routine. So, start small, pick books you love, and you will begin to love reading as you start to see its positive effect on your life. 

3. Alternative Reading Material

If the idea of reading a 200-page book feels daunting, there are alternative reading materials you can explore. Opt for materials with more images and fewer words, making the reading experience lighter and more engaging. This approach can be particularly helpful for those new to reading books and are not ready to take on a regular 100 to 200-page book. Below are some options you can try if you’re not ready to read a typical book.

  • Magazines – A publication that covers various topics with articles and visuals, offering a quick and diverse source of information and entertainment. Magazines attract readers, even those not into books, with their captivating image and special interests.  Unlike books, magazines are often seen as entertainment rather than a mental workout, making them more appealing to readers.
  • Comic books – A visual storytelling with illustrations and text, presenting narratives in a sequential art format. Many, especially ’90s kids like myself, have a deep love for comic books, a trend that continues with the constant release of new X-Men movies. These blockbuster hits all trace their origins back to well-known comic book brands like Marvel.
  • Manga – A Japanese style of comic books or graphic novels that uses a distinctive artistic and storytelling technique. Similar to American-style comic books, manga has created its popular cult-like following. Many millennia and the younger generations have developed a keen interest in manga, and the trend isn’t slowing down soon with the yearly Comic Con event.
  • Short stories – A brief fictional tale that tells a complete story in a limited number of words. They focus on a single theme, plot, or character, offering a quick impactful story. Can be useful for people getting into reading as reading a short story won’t come over as overwhelming and you will have the feeling of accomplishing something.
  • Joke books – A collection of humorous anecdotes, puns, and witty one-liners compiled to entertain readers and elicit laughter. These books often feature a variety of jokes ranging from wordplay, observational humor, and punchlines. They provide a lighthearted escape, making them a delightful choice for those who want a good laugh and a quick read as you don’t have to read the whole book and just read when you want a good laugh.
  • Newspapers – Reading materials that deliver current news on a broad spectrum of topics like politics, global events, sports, entertainment, crime, and local news. Published regularly, they feature articles by journalists, covering sections such as news, opinions, features, and ads sections. Newspapers are vital for keeping people informed about the world, serving as a valuable source for staying updated on current events.
reading material

4. Audiobooks

If traditional reading doesn’t quite click with you, then try audiobooks. They offer a simpler way to enjoy a book without having to sit down to read. While both books and audiobooks have their pros and cons, audiobooks are a fantastic alternative, especially for those unwilling to read a physical book. Listening to audiobooks requires minimal effort, making it a great option for activities like long car rides.

Personally, audiobooks have been a game-changer for me, allowing me to consume hundreds of books during my commutes without the need to set aside dedicated reading time. It’s a convenient and effortless way to enjoy literature, but if you are still not convinced about audiobooks then read this article here to find out why you should try it.

audiobook enjoy it

5. Explore Book Series

Explore book series as they can be a fantastic gateway to developing interest in reading. If the initial series captivates you, the motivation to continue into the entire collection grows, making the reading experience more enjoyable. Opt for a lengthy series to keep yourself engaged. Over time, what starts as an interest can evolve into a routine that eventually will become a habit.

Breaking habits can be tough, but when you create a positive habit, there’s no need to break it. This is a reliable approach to gradually gaining a genuine interest in reading books over the long term. 

book series


I trust these tips to be beneficial to you, leading to the eventual development of an interest in reading. The benefits that come with reading shouldn’t be missed out on, and I hope you discover the joy it can bring. If you are having trouble retaining information when you read a book then click here to solve this problem. 

By AL Tran

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